Monday, June 13, 2011

Bermuda Baby! (And a little NYC)

Knowing how backed up I am on my blogging is a little weight always on my shoulder. Better late than never tho, right?? Here's some pics from our fabulous trip back in May. We went to Manhattan for approx. 24 hrs, then off to our cruise ship to the beautiful island of Bermuda. Despite being sick the entire trip, some bad weather & a couple other issues, we had such a wonderful, relaxing time.

At Washington Square Park on a GORGEOUS day

Taken from one of my favorite churches in the world. St. Paul's Chapel. Directly across from the World Trade Center & miraculously survived the attacks. The new building is One World Trade Center in the works. We happened to be there 4 days after Bin Laden was killed.

The beautiful St. Paul's

Went out & had an incredible dinner @ Stanton Social.

One of my other favorites: St. Patrick's

Out to dinner on the ship.

The Explorer of the Seas

Downtown Hamilton. I loved all the color. The island is VERY clean, VERY expensive, they don't allow any rental cars & have no speed limits over 35 km (about 22mph)

Fortunately, the 2nd day had a few hrs of pure sunshine. This is the exquisite Horseshoe Bay. The sand was a pale pink & felt like baby powder.

Despite our lovely time alone together, we missed our girls!

The day after we got back, we took the girls to their 1st movie @ a theatre. They couldn't really sit still but it was fun! We saw "Hop". We were so proud of them how well they did for Grandma & Papa and Aunt Cherie & Papa Alan. We greatly appreciate their help. XOXO

Monday, June 6, 2011

What Are My 3 Yr. Olds Up To Lately?

Hangin out @ Grandma & Grandpa's while we were on VACATION!! (Blog soon to follow)

I may have to get glasses AGAIN!! 12 yrs after Lasik. I'm so sad. I was trying on glasses * the girls wanted to also. I so don't want them to have to wear glasses but SO CUTE!

I was letting them play with my dear Grandma's yarn & Sara accidentally pulled the yarn around her sister's neck. Thank God I was nearby but so scary.

What happened to the paint brushes?? Not as much fun apparantly.

MV Lake w/ The K's. Is that the most adorable pic?

Just realized I've never posted about this. Siena's had a "boyfriend" for about 2 months. From all the Prince's and shows she's watched, she picked "Hunchback." Or "Hunchie" as she calls him. She's even gone to put on her tutu & high heels just to watch his video. Lol

Love this picture of Dimples. My g-friend Erin gave her this after she took a liking to him. She named him "Sprinkle Puppy."

We've been potty training & tho Siena's doing pretty good, it hasn't gone that great. We have 3 months to get it done before preschool starts!! :-0

And a BIG DEAL that they experienced? Their FIRST HAIRCUTS! We were both really surprised how well they did. The normally very chatty Siena was really quiet but they both said they loved it. I think they loved the lollipops ;-) Here are the pics.

Friday, April 29, 2011

My Three-Ring Circus of Three Year Olds

It really is so surreal that the girls turned 3. I was recently talking with someone who is having trouble getting pregnant & I could still feel that old pain. No matter how many people told me it was gonna happen, I hard a really hard time believing it. Thank God for modern medicine & Dr. Anderson, I now have 2 happy, healthy, hyper 3 yr. olds. ;-)

I have to say... it's a tough job being a stay-at-home-Mom, but I am SO lucky I can & they really are such good girls. They're sweet, loving, silly, funny, happy.....whiney, ornery.....Ok Ok, I'll stick with the good stuff. ;-) They are cute as can be & I'm beyond blessed that I was chosen to be their Mom. Here's a few pics from their birthday.

A few of the kiddos playin at their party at the park.

Very grumpy birthday girls towards the end of their party.

Having so much fun opening their presents.

Plans changed & we ended up @ In & Out for dinner.

Little Miss Sweet Tooth loved it! (Not to mention MR.!)

Lucky them- their buddy Ty's b-day party was on their actual b-day @ a bounce-house. They had a BLAST! They loved how I decorated the car for them. (Good, cuz it wasn't washed for a month!)

One of the best things about having these two little cuties??? Sharing it all with their Daddy.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

As usual, we had such a wonderful day. It always seems to be beautiful weather & my family has so much fun together. Boy, are we blessed.

Gettin ready to go hunt for eggs! (Josh thinkin he's got better luck w/ his mask! haha)

The obligatory family pic (Where everyone starts sweating that I'm gonna freak out if I don't get a perfect one.)

My Easter cuties

We love going for walks on holidays. This was our 2nd of the day.

Sara wasn't feeling very well all morning. This was just before she barfed ALL over me & her.

Fortunately, I got to borrow from my Dad's hip closet.

We also had our family celebration of the girls' 3rd birthdays. Here's a video of us singing 'Happy Birthday' to them. The end is so cute!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


The girls started gymnastics last month & are having soooo much fun! It's so surreal watching my babies....all of a sudden...little what I used to do when I was a kid. I'll never forget doing continuous cartwheels down the hallway. (Nor will my family.) Thought you'd enjoy looking at these.

By the way, whomever is out there still reading my blogs, THANK YOU!! It means a lot.

Here's a couple cute videos. (If I do say so myself.) and

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sea World

We had SO much fun with the Miele's at Sea World. It was the girls' 1st time & they loved it! Here's some pics....

The whole gang waitin for the dolphin show.

Thought this was a cool shot

Kristin & I with our girls

The girls were so excited to meet Elmo & Bert

Gettin close & personal

Sweet Siena lovin on a turtle (we have 2 little guys at home)

Is the hair difference in these 3 hilarious?